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Teaching Math in the Primary Grades
(EEd 3 )

This course aims to equip prospective primary grade level teachers with the necessary pedagogical content knowledge for the teaching of basic content in mathematics in the primary level. Understanding of key concepts and skills involving number and number sense (whole numbers up to 10000 and the four fundamental operations including money, ordinal numbers up to 100th, basic concept of fractions); measurements (time, length, mass, capacity, area of square and rectangle); geometry (2-dimensional and 3-dimensional objects, lines, segements, symmetry and tesselation); patterns and algebra (continuous and repeating patterns and number sentences); statistics and probability (data collection and representation in tables, pictograph and bar graphs and outcomes) as applied, using appropriate technology in critical thinking, problem-solving, reasoning, communicating, making connections, representations and decision-making in real life. Various principles and appropriate teaching approaches, methods and techniques associated with mathematics instruction based on cultural contexts will be emphasized.