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Computer Ethics

MIS 211 - Computer Ethics

This course looks at “computer ethics” from a broad perspective.

We will tackle the ethical issues faced by a computer professional as part
of the job; including the issues faced by professionals in other work
areas/disciplines where computers are used. That is, we will discuss
computer ethics as a category of professional ethics, similar to medical,
legal or accounting ethics. For example:
o Should you derive personal income from a creative work geared
towards the common good, OR should you allow free capturing,
storing and sharing of information so that the greatest number of
people can benefit from your invention?
o If you demand information access regarding others, would you be
willing to give up your own personal privacy and confidentiality?

We will also discuss the ethical issues derived from the impact of
computers (or more broadly, information technology) on society. We will
therefore discuss universal access, employment, education, the use of
computers in the military, etc. – issues that often touch on one’s political
and social views, rather than one’s experience as a computer
professional. In the process, we would be able to define social
accountability in an information society.