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Delivery of academic programs via the distance education mode will be thru the DLCs. The DLC shall serve as the venue of curricular activities and where student of the program shall convene for the following activities:

    • Enrollment;

    • Obtaining their modules and other instructional materials;

    • Attending tutorials;

    • Submitting course requirements;

    • Accessing the internet;

    • Meeting and interacting with other students;

    • Taking proctored examinations; and

    • Performing other activities related to the course.

At present, there is a Distance Learning Center in the Main Campus of Bicol University at the Third Floor of the Multipurpose Building. The DLC in the Main Campus is open to serve students coming from various parts of the region. To better serve a wider segment of the Bicolanos, the BU Open University intends to establish at least one (1) DLC in each province. This will be done in partnership with local government units and an academic institution in the area. A DLC Coordinator takes charge of the day-to-day operations of the center. The DLC Coordinator serves as the link between the BU Open University and the distance education students.

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